Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sesame Street Part One

I've loved Sesame Street since I was a little girl. My mother told me the reason that she bought a color tv was so that I could watch Sesame Street in all it's glory. I remember Mr. Hooper, the man who always painted the numbers, and I guess I'm dating myself when I say that I even remember when Kermit was a regular on the show.

One of my favorite bits was when Ernie would take Bert's arm and shake it around like a wet noodle driving Bert crazy. Not all of my Sesame Street memories are good ones. I used to have nightmares about Snuffalupogous, and the thunder and lighting when The Count would count also scared me. But I'm sure Sesame Street is the reason I was reading before kindergarten.

When I got older Sesame Street was forgotten until I started babysitting, and then I was grateful for Big Bird and Oscar. Tears would magically disappear when Cookie Monster would eat the letter of the day against Prairie Dawn's admonitions. Since then I've been a regular visitor to Sesame Street. Little cousins, nephews, more little cousins, and finally DB kept me coming back again and again to see Rosita, Baby Bear, Telly, and of course, Elmo.

Somehow Sesame Street would pop up at unusual times. I might find myself humming

Or singing another one of my all time favorites

Then within a year's time I met three Sesame Street actors. No, it wasn't someone dressed up in a big furry suit, and it didn't take place at an amusement park or show. The first person was Luis which is the reason why I'm writing this post. I just saw an episode of Law & Order SVU and Luis had a bit part.

Seeing him reminded me of the time I went with a bunch of girlfriends to see a movie in Oz. I'm usually an observant person (not referring to religion here), and I take in a lot of what other people just don't see. While we were waiting in line to buy some overpriced candy (chocolate, of course) I noticed a tall gentleman in a suit carrying a briefcase. I couldn't figure out how I knew him, at first. When it dawned on me I got so excited and told my friends, "It's Luis." They looked at me like I was crazy, and I could see them wracking their memories trying to remember a Luis I might have dated. It's true I dated a lot of guys, but not one of them was named Luis.

Even after I pointed him out, they still had no idea who he was. I tried to remind them, "Sesame Street!! He was the repairman on Sesame Street." They started cracking up and told me that Luis would not be here dressed like that with a briefcase in the city to see a movie. I didn't care. I knew I was right. My memory is usually very very good especially about little things of no consequence.

We went to our seats, and I refused to accept them telling me that it was a looooooong time ago, and there was no way I could remember exactly what he looked like. Well, that did it. I knew that after the movie I would have to prove it to them. I made sure that I saw where Luis went once the movie was over.

Luis was standing talking to another man, who could have possibly been his son, and I interrupted them with an, "Excuse me, but aren't you Luis from Sesame Street." Luis replied with a surprised laugh and smile that yes, he was, and then I asked him to please come over and meet my friends to tell them. Their jaws dropped, we all started giggling and then went on to say that we watched him when we were little. I'm not sure that he took that as the compliment we meant it to be. We also made sure to tell him that when we had kids we hoped that they would also see him on Sesame Street one day.

Needless to say as we were leaving the theater, I got in about a dozen "I told you so. I told y'all that he was Luis." which just started my friends laughing all over again.

btw-DB did get to see Luis on Sesame Street


Tr8erGirl said...

That's so cool!

MizEllie said...

Sesame Street is awesome. I too remember Mr. Hooper and Kermit fondly. In fact, I think I even saw the muppet movies just so I could follow the saga of Kermit and Miss Piggy. But still...I bow down before your greatness. I can't believe you recognized Luis!

come running said...

That's what I think too!

He's not the only one I've recognized... just wait for Sesame Street Part Two.

Miriam said...

That must have been pretty exciting! I know i'd have been.

what does "DB" mean?

jd clampett said...

I think Bert and Ernie had something goin' there. I mean, c'mon. Even an 8 year old can see it! :-)

come running said...

It was exciting!! DB stands for darlin' boy.

Maybe now an 8 year old can see it, but in those days...