Thursday, February 28, 2008


A smile teases my lips
with thoughts of
hearing him
draw a chill down my spine
sharing the joy of pleasures
and the dreams of together
my heart opens to his knowing boldness
a blush of sultry
colors the innocence of love
a deepened laugh answered by a sensual purr
and a soft blanket of ecstacy warms the delight
of kindred spirits running through the stars


JD clampett said...

Your poetry makes me smile - thanks for sharing, CR.

Shoshana said...

I really am kinda jealous at how beautifully you express yourself.

come running said...

I love to make people smile ;)

It means a lot to hear that. I don't get too many comments on my poetry, and I get to wondering if it's because it's sooo hokey, trite, and banal or just plain awful.

jd clampett said...

CR, c'mon - it's beautiful! Keep it coming :-)

come running said...

Have you ever thought that you might feel this way because...

jd clampett said...

Yep. Because I like your poetry! :-)