Wednesday, February 13, 2008


rolling over into his arms
I murmur sleepily
and his soft chuckle tickles my ear.
He knows what I'm thinking before I do
and eases me with understanding.

His offer of safety beckons me,
and I willingly accept
with soft yeses
mouthing the words

he gives me

from my own heart.

confusion surrounds me in a haze of passion
burned off by unuttered consequences
He rescues me from the drowning sands of a protected heart
and brushes off the loneliness along with my clothes.
His searing eyes welcoming me to my unsealed emotions

admitting his control within
my body opens private desires
Experiences unfulfilled become reality
when spoken aloud by his caressing lips.
Phone calls and sweaty smiles
leave me comforted with dreams of meeting

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