Monday, February 11, 2008

Dream Man

your rumbling sweet voice in my ear
but you
are not next to me

I see your face in a crowd of strangers
but we are
separated by more than space
and your footsteps echo in my empty dreams

the understanding in your eyes
the hidden sorrows of my soul
erased by the passion of your unfelt touch

I wake in the glory of shared exaltation
missing you


JD Clampett said...

Such beautiful poetry, CR. I thought long and hard about commenting, sensing I'm intruding here somehow. But that might be like taking something without saying "thank you".

I profit so much from these poems. Every time I read your poetry, I am literally stopped in my tracks, and I find myself returning to it throughout the day finding more layers of meaning within it that I hadn't seen before. They ring true and deep and without pretense for me.

The raw power in them is - I dunno. How the heck you can still be a bachelorette I can't figure out. Guys, you just don't get it. Whoever you are that has inspired these poems (if you exist and are not mere dreamstuff) in CR, if you've got any common sense at all, catch and hold on to this woman before it's too late!! "The stone that the builder rejected has become the cornerstone" (Tehillim 118: 22). Think long and hard about the quality of the heart you've captivated, as you'll likely never find another like hers for its fineness. I'm sure you're a great guy and all, but with someone like her, you'd be much better.

CR, may Hashem grant you ALL of your wishes and dreams, speedily and easily and without argument, miscommunication and contention - even if it means you'll be too content to write powerful poetry like this. If I may have that wish, I'll be pleased that my loss is your gain, and to settle for Roses are Red, Violets are Blue..., and even much less, like something from Robert Frost. :-)

Wow. What a woman. :-)

Anonymous said...

Slurp, slurp, slurp. ZZZZZZZZZZ ;)

come running said...

Thank you, but I think you're reading more into my poetry than is there, and have a biased view of me.

But did you notice the "thank you." :)

come running said...

cute ;)