Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not Making Sense

I've started four new posts within the past 2 days, but I couldn't finish them. The posts are about HIM. Then, just like now, my emotions are all jumbled up and get stuck on the way out. The words are there but I'm tripping on them. Maybe I'll stop worrying about sentences and whether or not it makes sense, and write it down anyway.

Yes, I care about him... deeply, and not just sexually, although there is definitely major chemistry there. miss him want to trace his face with my fingertips and feel safe in his arms. he understands me like no one I've ever met, and knows what I'm thinking before I do. Sometimes I don't think he's real... just a fantastic creation of my overactive imagination. He's a man, but I can see the boy that still lives inside of him.

I could talk to him for hours, and sometimes I catch myself smiling just because I'm listening to his voice. I'm trying to figure this out and I've spoken to some friends about him. I'm not used to this.

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