Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sesame Street Part Two

I had meant to write this the same day that I finished part one, but obviously that didn't take place. Then while I was cleaning the house on Thursday I heard a familiar voice. Very funny! No, it wasn't in my head. Although, I will admit that I do talk to myself quite often. This voice came from the tv that was on in the living room. It was a commercial about asthma medication and there she was, Gina. That's how most of you would know her.

"Gina" is the veterinarian on Sesame Street, and one of the three actors from the show that I have met. Our children played at the same park when they were younger. The first time I met her I knew that she looked familiar, but I couldn't place her until I heard a little boy screaming that he wants his Elmo. He had buried it in the sandbox and couldn't find it. Then it dawned on me, and I turned to a mother next to me and said, "Isn't that..." "Yes, it's Gina from Sesame Street." I hadn't even had a chance to finish my question.

She wasn't surrounded by children or their parents. I don't even think the kids thought of her as someone other than another child's mom. I didn't get to know her too well, but she was always friendly and down to earth. She played in the sand, changed diapers and bought ice cream just like the rest of us. DB was a year older than her kids and at that age it made a big difference. So our kids played near each other but not together. Though there were times when DB would share his toy cars.

I haven't seen her around the neighborhood in quite a long time so I don't know if she still lives nearby. But I have seen her on bit parts on Law & Order, and in a commercial or two. Gina is still a regular on Sesame Street, and she looks exactly like the mom I knew in the park.


Urijah said...

You missed her most notable recent role--on the Sopranos!

RivkA with a capital A said...

Bob lived in my home town and, every once in a while, I would see him around.

I always got a real kick from it, even when I was a "grown up" (really just a little kid in a grown up's body. shhhhh -- don't tell)

come running said...

I believe you, but I couldn't get the link.

That's so cool. Don't tell anyone, but I still haven't grown up.