Monday, March 3, 2008


I listen for his heart in the words about his past
wanting to believe I am different
waiting for his chest beneath my cheek
his understanding only brings longing
for a closeness beyond touch

the future is a messenger of sorrowful joy
this bittersweet yearning grows
planted by gentle pain
the inevitable staggers closer

bringing the familiarity and loss of his taste


jd clampett said...

Many of us know these bittersweet feelings. Sorrow:Joy - Closeness:Beyond - Familiarity:Loss

But why is it not a touch beyond closeness rather than a closeness beyond touch? Is pain really so inevitable?

Believing doesn't belie the truth, it oftener than not creates it.

Just the same, thank your for sharing, CR. Many people love your poetry.

BTW, Ellie May and Jethro say hi

come running said...

It's a closeness beyond touch... more than touch could even say, soul to soul, but I hope to get experience the touch too. ;)

btw-hugs and kisses to ellie and jed

jd clampett said...

Aah, I get it. Nice :-)

Soul to soul - that's really nice. Touch is especially nice.

Being able to say what we want takes us most of the way from here to there. Sounds like you need a poem about a bridge. I found this horrible poem on the web. Of course, I'll share it :-)

I’m so excited, I can’t wait.

This anticipation - it’s really great.

If they don’t bid soon,

I’ll probably swoon.

I’m so psyched, I’ll deflate!


Anonymous said...

It makes me think of a milkshake

come running said...

it was a horrible poem. :)

what flavor?

jd clampett said...

Horrible poem, yeah, but you should have seen how proud the woman was who wrote it - had her picture up and everything. I figure it's worth at least a gold star on her forehead, just 'cause she's cute for trying. :-)