Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Back

...and the gloves are coming off!!!

We're going to trial in May. The ex and his attorney should be prepared because there aren't going to be any settlement negotiations. The Administration for Children's Services (ACS), formerly known as Child Protective Services, opened and is in the middle of another investigation about the ex and how he treats DB.

If you know of any tehillim lists, I would greatly appreciate you adding DB to them. Shlomo Yitzchak ben Feiga Rochel.

Thank you


Rafi G said...


Tr8erGirl said...

Good luck!

Shoshana said...

Good luck! Please keep us posted!

come running said...


you know I need it!

hopefully, with only good news

Hellboy said...

CR's gonna put stbx's case in the ER. :-)

close friend who left the blog scene said...

my prayers and best wishes are with you. Keep on praying, Hashem will listen to sincere prayers from a broken Mothers heart, fighting for her child's future and wellbeing.

come running said...

Nope. Just gonna protect the darlin' boy.

Wouldn't it be nice if that's true.