Monday, March 3, 2008


. The words are all jumbled so I'll just ramble.

I'm smiling at people I don't know, and they're smiling back. It's evident that I'm happy... ugh! no, what an understatement... Joyous... no, that's not it. aaaah... this is it, dancing with laughter and twirling in amazement. I want to share it. how... why would I want to stuff this away? It bubbles up in my walk and my steps are singing with love.

There's a smile in my eyes too.


jd clampett said...

I had a day like that last week. Hold onto it, CR :-)

come running said...

I'm glad that you have days like this, and I can't wait to have more.

Scraps said...

Those days are the best. :-D

May you have many more!