Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ow! I Did It Again

Yup, I did it again... self-inflicted.

Late last night I was having a conversation with a good bud of mine in Israel. I was in bed while I was talking because it was so late, around 2 a.m. He wanted some help with something so I was on my laptop (to you smart asses out there, not actually sitting on it) and I was trying to get comfortable.

Maybe it happened because I was tired, maybe because the conversation had most of my attention, maybe because I was trying to find something on my computer at the same time, or just maybe it was because I'm very talented at inflicting different wounds on myself. I scooted my tush to lean back in bed and BANG! I conked the back of my head on the wall behind me.

Yes, I knew there was a wall behind me. It's what I lean my pillows up against when I'm writing, reading or working. No, the wall has not moved any closer to my bed recently, and no, I had not been drinking.

I've got a nicely sized raised bump on my head. When I do something, I make sure to do it right. But at least it can't be seen like some of my other mishaps here and here and yes, here. And I finally understand the saying "seeing stars". The pain took a minute to register and then WHOMP! It hit me like a ton of bricks, or a cement wall, take your pick.

Hand me another bag of ice and stop laughing!! OK OK, how can I ask you to stop when it still makes me giggle, hee hee. I hope the swelling will go down enough so that I can put on one of my numerous baseball hats when I go to pick DB up from school.


~ Sarah ~ said...


MAK said...

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt - only i banged my head against my headboard on my bed, and not quite so hard. :)

Melpomenus said...

The helmet idea is good - a rubber room might be even better. :-)

come running said...

It sounds like a good idea, but I don't think it's going to fit over this bump on my head right now.

Obviously your headboard isn't made of cement.

Cute. Maybe you should join me there. :-P

Your Apartment :-) said...

I picture it now, in my mind... beautiful single woman, sitting on her bed (alone - this is critical to the scene), typing into her computer - camera zooms in, she's smiling gently as the sound of the klikity klak is heard in the background....

Then, THEN, - then you hear the dissonant music *skreek skreek skreek skreek* and in Amityville Horror fashion B A M, in an architectural version of the "womping willow", the wall "plasters" one across her beaner. "OUCH, Geez Louise!"

You look around, wondering - hmm.

Is it just me?

Why does this keep happening to me?

Well, CR - when you least expect it, EXPECT IT! And, the carpets is in on it, so is the pot - you think all those burns just happened, huh? Think again!

Your apartment is HAUNTED! BOOH! Bwahhahahahahaha


Your apartment's girlfriend said...

Oh, and ya' know what? Those rubber rooms? Those are architectural condoms. Mm Hm. That's right.

You see, for buildings, people are like STD's. Buildings put those rubber walls on the inside when they're trying to protect themselves from viral humans who try to attack their walls with their heads. Cause if they don't, in no time we multiply and make more buildings! As I happen to know, because the buildings in your neighborhood are so promiscuous, there are lots of new buildings and additions going up, right?

Want more proof?

No rubber rooms in the Capitol building. They call that big building "congress". You know what "congress" is, don't you? Yep, that would be fornication, and we buildings are in on it. You don't think we'd let you have all the fun, no?

So, yes, the Capitol is such a big building is because of unsafe sex between rooms. It has so many rooms because the rooms there keep reproducing like rabbits.

And, notice - mental hospitals never get bigger because they've got these rubber rooms in them to keep the especially fertile little bugger humans from spreading around too much. Some of the rooms even have bars on them - chastity belts, if you will. But because so few rooms have rubbers in them (few rooms go on more than 5 dates), we just have building boom after building boom and before you know it, they've paved paradise and put up a parking lot!

Your apartment, see, was having architectural sex when you got beaten on the head.

With me! I'm the apartment next door!

I was going to be quiet about it but he's spilled the beans.

Watch - pretty soon somebody's going to go to Ikea or Home Depot and bring something home - that's our version of the "birds and the bees". We call it the "sticks and the nails".

Well that's all for now - we'll try and keep it quiet down there. But it really would help if your room were of rubber, CR.

BTW - check out our blog at It's really racy. :-)