Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Rugburn is painful... even more so when it's on your forehead. Yes, you read correctly. I've got it from my hairline to my eyebrow about 1" in width.

But that's what you get... wait, I've never heard of anyone else getting rugburn on their forehead so let me clarify... that's what I get for falling off the bed.

Yup, I'm talented.


Rafi G said...

rugburn? from falling out of bed? come on, let us know what you were really doing to get that... :-)

~ Sarah ~ said...

oy. ow.
be more careful when u fall out of bed next time.

come running said...

Really, I did fall out of bed... won't say what I was doing when that took place. ;)

I'll try, but I didn't have to much control of the situation.