Thursday, December 20, 2007


More and more craziness... since I owe my attorney so much money she says she needs to get paid before we start the appeal. I need to find out if this is really true.

What next?!?!?!?


Barbara said...

I'm in a similar situation. I used to paralegal so I took care of some of the documents and filing myself. But of course, ex just has to be punitive.

The legal system in the U.S. seems to be "he with the most shekels WINS" but I don't think this attorney counted on my persistant when it came to my children and my stubbornness about settling for an agreement that I know, in my heart, is wrong and harmful for them.

So she wants more money. Can't get blood out of stone on disability. And we wait.... wait... wait. Yes that's usual but have you asked for an itemized accounting of everything this attorney has done and spent on? If not, do so. They will balk but press for one.


Jack's Shack said...

Oy. Good luck.o

MAK said...

I wish you lots and lots of luck!

Orech Din said...

Whether your lawyer is doing it or not, make sure you understand the deadline for your appeal to be filed and don't miss it.

Good luck.

come running said...

Hey everyone,
Thanks for your support, and caring. It helps sooo much.