Thursday, March 27, 2008


Friendships go through ups and downs. They come in or go out with the tide. True friendships survive and continue even if you are at opposite ends of the ocean. Sometimes you drift closer blown by storm winds and try to support or shield one another from pain and hurt. Other times you drift far away or even crash into one another through disagreements.


Leora said...

I am traveling 5 hours away a week before Pesach (and abandoning my family, of which I am mom, wife, and daughter) to see some friends and go to a bar-mitzvah. My father wants to know I am doing this? Because friends are more important than cleaning for Pesach. I can clean when I get back.

A favorite expression: "'Chaque un' said the man as he kissed the cow."
(chaque un = to each his own in French)

FYI, found you because of Jack...

~ Sarah ~ said...


come running said...

My friends are very important to me too. They are my chosen family.

btw-added you to my blogroll


muse said...

Is there something here which caused the mood in the next post?
Or am I just too groggy after not sleeping enough?

come running said...

The next post was caused by lack of sleep, and maybe you need a hot shower.