Monday, July 13, 2015

Thinking and Laughing

I think too much.  I focus on things I can't control too much.  I need to chill big time.  AND I got some good sleep last night!!!  That helps with controlling where my brain goes.  I've been kind of negative in my posts lately.  Worrying and whining!!! OMG! I really hope you haven't suffered reading through them.  Well, they could've also been a source of entertainment.  Were you guys betting on how much longer I would go on like this???  Unreal....

So ridiculous to let myself get carried away like that.  Bonkers! Totally and completely bonkers... I'm so embarrassed, but that's what I get for putting myself out there.  And at least now I know and have a very strong reminder about what I need to work on.

And I just wrote a text to him that... I can't even begin to say what it implied.... But I'm cracking up about it.

Yeah, I need to think before I speak and write.  I most certainly do!!  Holy Moly!! I'm ridiculous sometimes.  Ok, ok, I'm ridiculous a good portion of the time, but at least I recognize it... and can laugh at it.

So that's my mission... stop thinking and then think before I speak and write.  Yeah, I make tons of sense.  Hope you enjoyed this post. I think I did.  totally giggling.

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