Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Yes, I really am happy.  I had a great day today.  I was trying to figure something out this morning and started to get upset and feel unwanted and blame someone.  I stayed calm and realized it was my own fault so then I started to laugh.  So glad that I was able to quickly move past the not so great feelings or at least not let them overwhelm me.  It made everything easier.

Sorry for the interruption... not like you would know there was an interruption.  A neighbor came over.  I'm so lucky I have neighbors who are great friends and great friends who are classmates.  And I just started a new class tonight and made new friends.  Of course, this is all even better because of him.  Because I'm happy walking around thinking about him.

One of my friends at school asked me what was different and why I looked so good.  I could feel my smile grow even wider as I told her that I met someone.  I'm smiling right now for the same reason.

And my neighbor who just came over told me that she's so so so glad to see me relaxed and happy.  I am.  I feel... ummmmmm.  I feel content.  Even though I'm not going to be seeing him for 3 days, and I miss him sooooooooooo much,  I'm not sad or miserable.  Thinking about today and yesterday texting and talking with him and laughing with him.

Yeah, yeah, you're probably getting sick about hearing about him, but he makes me happy.

So the thing about today was that he got upset and jealous.  And I'm smiling about it.  Usually, ok, I'm always the one who gets emotional about something going on between us.  It was great to be on the other side. Not only that, it was also great to see him react without thinking and making a mistake.  One thing that I love and admire about him is that he stays calm.  He is calm, and that helps me.  We all know I'm Miss Reactionary.  It was just nice to be on the opposite side and be the one who was patient.  Meanwhile I couldn't stop laughing about it (on the inside, not too nice to crack up in his face when he's upset at me).  He was so cute upset.  Yes, he's a grown man, and acts like a man (which is quite lovely), but this was just too cute!

I don't think he will necessary love me describing him being upset like this, but he just was!  I wanted to jump through the phone and kiss him thoroughly for being so adorable.  I miss him.  These are the times I miss him.  Three days can't pass quickly enough for me.  I can't wait to be in his arms.  If that is all that could happen when I see him, I would still be content.

My eyes are closing, but I still have a smile on my face.  Just so... just so... simply and completely happy.  I'm a happy girl.

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