Sunday, July 8, 2007


Obviously, a lot has been going on this past week. I got stood up by Mr. B-Ball. Our date wasn't written in stone but he said he would call either way. The next night I saw him on Frumster and he still hasn't contacted me.

And finally the date with Denver was a bust. I was right... he wasn't for me. I think he expected us to spend the day together, but he never brought that up before he came into Oz. When I picked him up he had his computer and a camera with him. Maybe he was afraid they would get stolen in his hotel room. I found out later that he was staying in a hotel for Shabbos. I am well aware that he has friends in NY so I don't get that.

The thing is.... I was in no way attracted to him. The way he held himself really bugged me. It was in a martyring self-depreciating sort of way. Plus the fact that he wore black socks with sneakers (ugh! if you don't have white socks don't wear any) and his pants seam at the crotch was coming undone. Maybe he wanted my eyes to drift there, but there wasn't too much to see.
I mean, come on!!!!! Make sure you look nice before you go out on a date. It doesn't have to be fancy clothes but clean and in one piece is not too much to expect.

I was going to offer to pay for my meal, but I changed my mind. There was just something that rubbed me the wrong way... probably the fact that he expected to spend the day with me without even asking me. I was so glad that I was traveling to Kansas and had to finish packing up the car.

I wasn't rude or quiet. I felt very at ease and had a nice conversation with him, but I was so glad to see him go. I was SOOO BORED!!!

On to bigger and better things, and at least I got more practice in going out and in trusting my extincts. I haven't had time to write about Psycho. I learned another lesson with him. Don't give out your phone number especially if someone is so insistent about having it.

I'm too tired to write more and I have to travel back to Oz tonight or tomorrow. I'm all packed up though. That's why I can sit here at the pool and veg.

btw-thanks for all the caring in the comments on the last post. I don't usually like to get that down about the situation. I mean really how can I when DB is in the pool with a big grin on his face yelling at me to join him. Things could be much worse. Thank G-d they aren't!!!!


~ Sarah ~ said...

i hate a date this weekend which was boring too. like, he was nice but more than short answers would have been nice and when i ask a question "like what should we do next" i expect an an opinion rather than having the question thrown back at me. gah. where is the confidence?

hope you are enjoying the summer.

come running said...

exact that same thing!!! he didn't have any self-confidence.

hope you're having a nice winter.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Sorry it didn't go well, hope the next is a real sincere mentch.:) I played basketball yesterday btw...

Jacob Da Jew said...

Black socks w/ white sneakers..

Ew! Total loser.

come running said...

I hope so to.. and since you have been the only one playing it looks like I'm going to get a pounding on the court.

btw-can I call you Jake? If it bugs you I'll stop.

Anyway... I really try not to judge someone by their looks, but c'mon even my dad and step-dad don't wear black socks with sneakers.

rebelwithacause said...

Mr.B Ball is history. Not showing is negative 10 points, not excusing one self is another 10 points. It's good he shows his true colors before you start dating him. He sounds like a waste of time really.

come running said...

he is/was a waste of time. But the real question is; why did he waste all that time and effort calling me and talking to me??