Sunday, July 1, 2007

Here Comes Date Week

So far I've got a date with Mr. B-Ball but that is predicated upon whether or not he has the energy after working a double shift the night before. He wants to take me to see the fireworks. He said it would be a very romantic first date, and I agree. Every time we talk I feel so at ease with him, and he feels comfortable enough to tease me about something I wrote to him. We both start laughing whenever he does this.

Then I have the date with Denver on Friday. Finally, we meet. I'm going to give him a call on Monday and make sure we're still on.

OH!!! Mr. Wonderful/Not-So contacted me Thursday night. He im'ed me and wrote that he felt bad that he hadn't contacted me. He certainly had enough time it was just about two weeks from our date on that Friday, and I had called him the Sat. night and Sun. after the date. Plus, I wrote him a goodbye message on Frumster that he read as soon as I sent it to him on Wednesday of that week.

Anyway, he said that he had some concerns and he wasn't sure about how to proceed after our date. Then he wrote that he couldn't enjoy the music of Regina Spektor because he felt bad about how he left things. Basically, he was looking for absolution. He wanted to send me some of her CD's that he got for me as a penance. I didn't let him off that easy, but in the end I did forgive him. Everyone does dumb things, including me and who am I to hold a grudge especially when he feels bad and apologizes.

Pen-Pal let me know about the Shabbaton in Baltimore, and that there were maybe only 6 guys that would have been for me and who knows if they were willing to relocate. He met someone and I hope things go well for him. We talked and he said something which really hit home for me.... "Don't think about what you can give him. Think about what he brings to the table."

This is great advice for me because I am usually thinking about how the person views me. I should be concentrating on what he has to give to a relationship. AND that is what I intend to do this week.


~ Sarah ~ said...

well, sounds very busy!

Lvnsm27 said...

Interesting. Reminds me of that show a long time ago where they say is it going to bacherlor #1, 2, or 3. :)

btw, I tagged you. See my blog to know more about it.

come running said...

It's really only two dates, but compared to the past couple of months it is busy.

To tell the truth I don't think I'm really interested romantically in either one, but I don't want to write them off without going on at least one date.

You can see I got your tag.

~ Sarah ~ said...

more dates than i've had in months :P

come running said...

Not much to be jealous of.... didn't hear from Mr. B-Ball sooo tonight didn't take place. Still have Friday morning with Denver though.