Thursday, July 12, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Most definitely not G rated:
But definitely entertaining

Sooooo sooooooo much has been going on this week, and I haven't had that much time to write about it. Here goes...

1) I drove back and forth to Kansas three times in three days if I've counted it right. My brain is just a little fried from being so tired. And I'm so tired because on Monday I moved a dining room set, credenza and another table out of my great-uncle's non-air conditioned house. Yes, it was about 99 degrees without the heat index. So I took everything a part and actually moved the credenza myself on a dolly. My dad helped me tilt it into the truck so I could pull it up and put it in.

Then I drove the truck back to Oz, and unloaded everything. I did get a little help with the top of the dining room table. I'm a little achy now from all the hard work. And I still need to screw everything back together. But at least I unpacked.

2) Chassidish came over last night and we behaved ourselves... as difficult as it was. He stayed awhile so I didn't get to sleep until late

3) The night before that when I was in Kansas I spent a long time sending messages back and forth to Confused Guy (named by rebel with a cause) who doesn't seem so confused anymore and Teen. I'm calling him that because even though he's a little older (Bud thinks he may be too old for me) he acts and talks young. I don't mean immature, just young and full of life.

4) Someone from Frumster contacted me. Not what you're thinking... someone who works for Frumster. He said that he read my blog and would I let him know my identity. It made me feel like a spy. I told him no and asked why. He wanted to get my input about Frumster and any suggestions I might have. I sent him some and if any of you out there have specific things you want added or changed let me know and I'll pass it along.

But really, after writing about what happened with Bud and now Chassidish did he really think I was going to tell him who I was. He probably would have had me kicked off of Frumster. Do they actually do that?

5) I was also up late this past week working on the trial. Of course, the dates have been changed and there isn't even going to be a pre-trial conference tomorrow. C'est la vie. What can I do? Nothing, so I've chosen not to worry about it and instead take care of the baby again tomorrow.

Now for the unbelievable story.....
I got a phone call last night from a guy I know through frumster. No, I am most definitely not saying who it is because of what he asked. Ok, ok, I'll tell you what he asked... He prefaced it by stating that he never wanted me to speak of it again after our conversation. My ears really perked up then. I answered, "of course" and was quiet waiting for the bomb to drop.


He said "How would you like to come out with me tonight to a 'couple's club'?" Then there was silence. I think he wanted to let it sink in. At first I wasn't sure what he meant, but since he was still quiet I realized that it was what I thought it was.... a swinger's club.


I didn't know if I should be insulted or not. Then I started thinking about it.... I was curious. C'mon I'm sure that you've all heard of these things going on, but have never been a part of it or known where it was taking place.

Anyway, he broke first and said "Did you understand me?"
"I sure did. What the hell are you thinking??" and then I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing. My stomach started to hurt I was laughing sooo hard. It takes a lot to insult me. Well, obviously.
When I finally started to get quiet he asked me if I would be willing to go. The curiosity really started to get to me. I have this unsatiable desire to find out and learn and see new things and ideas. I really did seriously contemplate it. No, I wasn't going to participate. I just wanted to see for myself. I mean really, it would have made a great story.

But two things prevented me from going: Chassidish was already on his way over, and I didn't feel comfortable going with this guy (the one who asked me, not Chassidish) in particular. Soooo the answer was no. But if he ever asks again.......

I'm supposed to talk to CG and Teen tonight. We'll see how it goes. btw- both are willing to relocate.

Happy News:
Pen went out this week with a really nice girl and they got along great. We've been staying in touch mostly by e-mail and talking about our different dates. There's no flirting going on which makes it easy and comfortable. I'm sooooo happy for him. He's a sweet guy and deserves someone who realizes it and is just as caring. I wish the same for any of us who are single out there.


smoo said...

Conceptually, I’m also intrigued by the swingers’ scene but in this day and age I just don’t trust strangers to be honest about or even know about any STD’s they might have acquired. That does take away some opportunities that may present themselves because I have to trust someone and know them for sometime before I risk contracting something. Even with condom use, HPV can be spread just by touching outer areas of the genitalia. Condoms don’t protect against crabs, and oral sex can be another conduit to disaster.
Yes, someone can lie and fool me into a false sense of security but I do my best not to be ensnared.

I know your having fun and I’m happy for you but BE CAREFUL!

come running said...

Thanks for the words of warning, and yes, I am being careful. I can't risk getting sick in anyway... for DB's sake and the sake of any children I might have in the future (iy"h).

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, (there's a guy I work woth who's into this scene) there's a big bowl of condoms at the door of these places. But still, yuck.

come running said...

I just want to make this clear... I maybe wanted to go and see. I was curious. I wrote "No, I wasn't going to participate."

yingerman said...

Dont tell you're thinkin of marryin 'chasidish'?
If he's lookin to sleep around now he'll do it later too.
Good luck

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I am glad you chose not to go, any guy that would take you there is not someone to even go out with. It would not have been safe to assume that you could watch and that's it....

come running said...

I'm not even contemplating marrying Chassidish. He can't relocate, and what makes you think he's sleeping around?? Plus he's not married now so... I really don't understand.

The longer I talk to these guys from Frumster the more I find out that I don't want to talk to these guys from Frumster. I don't take his calls anymore.

I didn't go so all of this is just conjecture.

BUT I do feel very lucky that I have people who care about me enough to warn me. THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!

And there was no judging either... you guys are freakin' unbelievable!!!!