Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shabbos in.... Borough Park!?!?!

Warning: this post is most certainly not rated G

Yes, that's where I was... someone from Kansas in the heart of Jewish Oz with Chassidish, and boy did I have a great time.

It all happened kind of quickly. He came by to see me Thursday night and his smile was so alive, open and welcoming. I was in his outstretched arms in a minute and then his lips were on mine. This is a man who knows how to kiss and loves doing it. We spent over an hour laughing, and enjoying the feel of each other. He made me feel beautiful just by the way he looked at me.

We said goodbye several times until he finally left and then spoke some more on the phone while he drove home. We are both so aware that this will not turn into anything else, and there's so much friendship and caring on both our parts. Friday morning he tried reaching me but DB and I were busy so I didn't speak to him until later.

We had been joking throughout the week that he was coming to me for Shabbos or that I was going to spend it with him. Then in an instant it was decided that I was traveling to Borough Park most definitely a million miles away from Kansas.

He was waiting for me outside and had saved me a parking space. Of course, we had to wait until we were in his apartment before I was in his arms again. Boy, did I love the feel of those strong arms wrapped around me. He lifted me as easily as if I were a doll that belonged to one of his children.

I've never kissed, dated, or been interested in someone chassidish especially not someone who wears a bekeshe (spelling?) and streimel. I don't know whether it was him or chassidish mentality but the way he treated me and looked at me was something that I never really experienced before. I didn't feel at all self-conscious about my body. And that made this one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Was it because he was at least two times the size of me (he's way over 6 feet) and that just one of his arms wrapped completely around my waist? Or was it because when we looked at the magazines he bought for me to read (yeah, like I was going to be bored at his apartment if I had nothing to read over Shabbos, or that I would come without reading material.... but then again we did have to come up for air) he didn't drool over the women. He was the one who said that normal people don't look like that. WOW!!! You gotta love a man like that. Plus the fact that he constantly told me I was beautiful even after Shabbos and I was going home.

He looked into my eyes when he talked to me. Believe it or not he wasn't just looking at my body... although, he did mention certain parts he liked. I didn't feel the need to say "Ugh, I hate my ______" when he complimented me and I didn't even think it. Maybe I'm just feeling more self-assured these days. But I really believe that it was because he was into me (pun intended) as a whole not as just individual body parts even if he did have certain preferences.

I don't know if he and I will do this again, (I most definitely wouldn't mind) but I don't regret a minute of it. He made me feel like a woman who was respected, loved and cared for. I came first (don't even say anything... I'm not going to touch this one) in his eyes. There was no pressure, just acceptance. I hope that all of you guys out there either have or will have someone who looks at you and treats you like this. I know I'm going to be looking for it the next time I date someone.

It is obvious that even without the relocation matter he and I would probably not have ended up together. I want someone who I can talk to about books and I imagine he would want someone who understands Yiddish. But there was just no judging by either of us. While he read his Yiddish paper I read Einstein's Universe. Maybe having someone to talk to about science isn't so important. I think I'm going to have to think about that for awhile. This past Shabbos really has changed the way I view things. I welcome the idea of looking at the world or people in a different manner than I previously had.

We spent most of Shabbos in his bed, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Never thought that I would enjoy Shabbos in Borough Park let alone in this manner. I highly recommend it!!!!!!

And now I think I need to get some rest. I'm kind of worn out and that's an understatement.


Marci B. said...

Wow - sounds like a really special Shabbat! It must have felt so wonderful for him to be so welcoming, accepting, and caring. Thanks for sharing!!

Lakewood Venter said...

wow!!! I never would have pictured you with a Chasidic guy! More power to you! (and him)

come running said...

marci b.,
Welcome and thanks for the comment. You're absolutely right it was wonderful!!!!

Wait a minute... it's not like he had a long beard. It's cut short and close to his face. But it is kind of funny to hear the cadence in his speech and his accent.

I was given an open invitation to his home (and body hee, hee ;))

Anonymous said...

cmon... if youre frum, this is just wrong. you might not care, but you need to admit it.

and dont tell me that your rabbi said its ok since you go to mikva. i dont believe that its OK. might be better than not going to mik, but no way is it ok.

and a person who is makfir herself to sex, well isnt that a kedeisha?

come running said...

There are many things that are wrong to do in this world. No one is perfect.

I didn't say that my rav condoned this action... he understood why.

Are you married? How long have you ever gone without having sex? How long have you ever gone without holding or being held?