Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Justice And The Law Are Not The Same Part 2

I have my get, B"H!!!! I got it several years ago after I was served with divorce papers. I had trouble getting it. Even though I went to rebbeim at a different shul than the one stbx and I attended. The rabbi of the original shul was somehow able to convince them that he was "handling it." They were dissuaded from helping me further because they didn't want to cause a "rift in the community" or have two shuls at odds with each other. I never heard from the rabbi at my old shul even when I called, left him messages, wrote e-mails and had other people contact him about the get and then later about other important issues.

There are thousands of women out there who are not as lucky as I am. The Yated along with The Israeli Rabbinical Courts is trying to convince us that these numbers are exaggerations. They have deflated the numbers NOT by helping these women get their gets, but by inaccurate counting and descriptions of these "chained women" who in reality will only receive their get from these same courts if they agree to forfeit child support.

It is very hard for me to trust any rabbi at this point in time. And I most certainly will never set foot in a Beis Din EVER!!!!! As I am writing this, I just realized that it would be difficult to find someone to marry me (iy"h when I meet the right person). My brother, of course or Gretel's husband just came to mind. He is an honest and caring man, AND I TRUST HIM even though he has smicha. But I honestly can't think of anyone else. That's a real shame.

I do want people to realize that I understand that rabbis are human and make the same mistakes we all do... for money, for power, etc... But to have an organization that represents Jewish justice try to hide and disguise the truth sickens me.

hat tip: dag (the response by the Kolech Conference (Religious Women's Forum)

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