Thursday, May 31, 2007

"She Must Be Very Rich"

That's what DB said about Regina Spektor. And when I asked him why he answered "because everyone wants to buy her music." DB assumed that since he enjoys her music so much everyone else (in the world) does too.

DB is starting to acquire his own taste in music.... eclectic like his mom's. He likes Matisyahu but there are times when he asks me to put on "the other reggae music not the Jewish one." He is referring to Bob Marley. It's not that I don't play kids music for him (Rafi, Uncle Moishy, Sesame Street....) It's that I play all kinds of music for him including classical and yes, even opera. I love it when he tells me that a piece is "fun" or "scary."

But lately we've been enjoying Regina. He's been humming and singing her songs to himself while playing and doing homework. The first time I had her most recent CD playing DB looked up from his legos and said "She's got taste, Mommy." When I asked him what he meant I discovered that he thought she was "original, and cool." I've got to agree with him and he's not the only one who has been singing along. She kept us entertained during the ride to Kansas and back.


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Interesting that his taste in music is so sophisticated, nice that he has his own taste.

come running said...

He listens to whatever I listen to sooooo... I guess he ends up liking what I like. But it's cool that he is starting to voice his opinion and recognize it for himself.

Jacob Da Jew said...

Ras! Ya, I digg de Rasta too!

come running said...

Ja mon, rasta rules!