Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Called

I called The Man, Mr. Man. I'm going to use the excuse of being exhausted and not thinking straight along with the strong smell of pot that is wafting into my bedroom. My next door neighbors are smokin' like a chimney, and it appears that I might have a contact high..... Yes, I am inhaling. I can't stop breathing... ;)

A long time ago...... in a galaxy far far away.... wrong story. A long time ago when I used to smoke up it would make me extremely (no other way to say it) horny. I wanted sex and lots of it along with chocolate ice cream. Of course, it had to be good sex.... and chocolate fudge ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Well, I got to thinking after writing back and forth to Man that it would be sooooooo nice to hear his voice. In case you couldn't tell I have a thing for voices. We just got off the phone and no, I'm not going to meet him and I didn't invite him over. BUT I SURE WANTED TOO! I behaved myself.

We spoke for awhile, and I closed my eyes listening to the silk drift out of the phone and tickle my ear. And then we said good-bye. I'll miss him. If I wasn't moving or if he was able to move then I would be in his arms with my head on his chest listening to the rumbling of his sweet words cover my skin with their warmth.


smoo said...

You reminded me of the highest rated movie I ever saw. It was Blue Thunder with Roy Scheider. I was in the cheepy dollar theater at the time with my dad and younger brother. There was a Latino family in the row in front of us passing the joint. The smell wafted back to me. I made sure the car windows were closed when we left because I felt like I was drifting away. That was my only good experience with pot. I wish I had your experience, though.

come running said...

I remember that movie. Wasn't that with the helicopter that would fly silently? I think I remember the opening scene with the girl exercising.

smoo said...

Yep, that's the movie but I unfortunately don't remember that scene!