Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Unanswerable Question

Why does red soda explode? And why does it ALWAYS explode? It doesn't matter what color red it is (bright popsicle cherry red or dark black cherry red). They always explode. The only way to prevent the spray from ending up on you is to turn the bottle cap slightly to release some of the fizz. I would suggest that you still have a paper towel handy because sometimes even then the soda manages to get out. Is it something in the color red?

DB always loves the exploding soda and when asked in the store which one he wants for his Shabbos treat he almost always chooses a red one. On the rare occasion when he chooses orange soda he tries to get away with shaking it before he brings it to the table so that he can watch the orange fountain spray all over me.

Would love to know if anyone has the answer to this question.

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Anonymous said...

Murphy's law