Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I just finished reading Lakewood Venter's post that he wrote after reading this article. It's about having hechsherim for specialty stores that sell "kosher" (tzniusdik) clothes. "Frum" people will feel compelled to shop there or risk not being considered "frum enough." This is ridiculous!!!!!!

Even if women (and yes, you men too) did shop in the "kosher" store and buy the "kosher" clothes, what about the stores that can't afford to pay for the hechsher? Do they go under even if they are only selling tzinus clothes but without the right supervision? And then do the "kosher" stores charge more in order to pay for the hechsher. Does this mean that some children have to go without new clothes for yontif because their school with expell them? and they won't get a good shidduch if they don't wear kosher clothes?


Will there also be the possibility that someone will lose a shidduch because at one time their parents used to shop at the store without the "hechsher"?


If people want to dress tzinusdik then they will. It is possible to even buy clothes that are not originally "kosher" and have them fixed and vice versa. At some point in time people have to be responsible for themselves and answer for their own actions (in shmayim). Can Hashem possibly want this insanity?!?!?!?! Hashem gave us the the Torah , but when there is chumra upon chumra it is not the Torah anymore!!! It has evolved into a new religion --. Chumra-ism!! And people without any brains, who cannot think for themselves are climbing over one another to join. All praise the rabbis who give us more Chumras.

GET A BRAIN!!!!!!!

I will admit that it's a good idea for stores to band together and encourage manufacturers to make more modest clothes or for people to write to department store requesting longer skirts without slits etc.... That would probably bring the price down too.

Don't these people have anything better to do with their time? What about learning some actual Torah or doing some chesed. Someone help me out. Isn't there a saying "You are not allowed to add to the Torah or to take away from the Torah" What is the Hebrew for it? It's been awhile since I've been a good Bais Yaakov girl.

YES!! I went to Bais Yaakov AND I can think for myself. It was encouraged in my school. But that was in Kansas not in the midst of Chumraville (or Oz or whatever you want to call this place).

It appears that some rabbis (I'm trying hard not to generalize) have turned into the soldiers of the Wicked Witch of the West and can only follow orders even if they know it's not necessarily the right thing to do. They are afraid that the leading rabbis will come down on them for not being "frum enough." I hope that all you Tin Men out there will get a heart and realize that this only hurts people. And all you Scarecrows will realize that you do have a brain and can think for yourselves. And maybe the Cowardly Lion will share some of his courage with you so that you won't be afraid to act according to your thoughts and the way you feel.


come running said...

"Lo tosif v'lo tigra" don't add and don't take away.

Thank you for the quote lakewood venter

smoo said...

I think you missed the real point. Edible underwear and other edible clothing really should have a hechsher. We don't want to mix dairy and ...well you know, meat.

come running said...

What's the hechser on the... ummm... meat? Is it glatt?

Frum Satire said...

Its also another way of charging more for clothing since you have to pay for a hechsher. Kind of like kosher water give e a break

Lakewood Venter said...

smoo....good one!