Thursday, May 3, 2007

Absolutely Anything Turns A Young Man's Fancy To Sex or Sex Fiends In Space

But not just a young man's fancy (hope Tennyson forgives my adaptation).... I am referring to almost any male that has discovered the opposite sex. The reason I did not state an exact age is that it varies, but once the discovery has been made there's no going back.

I talked to Bud about this awhile back and he confirmed that sex is almost always on a guy's mind. I had heard this before but I really didn't believe it until he started voicing his sex thoughts while we were having the conversation. Throughout the rest of the conversation he told me when he was thinking about sex. I know, I know, the conversation was about sex so, of course, that's what he was thinking about. But he was letting me know that just walking down the street will make a man think about sex even without any women present... and just buying food will make a man think about sex... basically anything will make a man think about sex.

Really, guys, isn't there ever a time when sex doesn't pop into your head. I'm remembering when I was a teenager and in our group of friends there was a guy that we called "Hands" (for obvious reasons). He was also the guy who constantly turned anything that was said into some sort of sexual innuendo. But I think that's a gift that all guys have because they have the ability to associate anything with sex.

I'm astounded and impressed that men can actually work and get anything done in their lives with this sex track constantly running in their heads. It's absolutely unbelievable that a man made it into outer space considering this..... But, maybe the reason we made it into outer space is that men wanted to find out what sex would be like in zero-gravity and those thoughts constantly drove them.

I know how difficult it is for me to get things done when all I can think about is sex... remembering the last time... imagining the next time... the way he kisses, touches etc. In fact, sex will then pop up into any conversation I have and everything around me reminds me of sex in some way. All you men out there have earned my respect at your ability to multitask.

I'm most definitely not complaining. In fact, I appreciate (greatly appreciate!!) a man that loves sex as much as I do. I'm just marveling at your ability to function as if these things aren't going on in your head.

btw-- in case you didn't notice my libido is starting to return


Lakewood Venter said...

don't you just love us men! Congrats on the returning Libido! Make a Kiddush!

come running said...

I do love you men.

Maybe that's why I always had my buds around... but maybe I love you too much???

Jack's Shack said...

I'm just marveling at your ability to function as if these things aren't going on in your head.

It is not all that hard to multitask.

come running said...

I guess I haven't had as much practice as you... or the many years of going without have caught up to me and now that I'm back these thoughts are flooding my brain.

smoo said...

The reason we work is so that we can afford to have sex (not with a prostitute but rather it costs money to impress, wine and dine the ladies).

I know guys who have no job and their ability to attract women is directly propotional to their ability to secure income. These are guy who are decent looking, in shape, and outgoing personalities.

come running said...


If these guys are so great than why don't they have jobs? I do understand that sometimes it's just out of your control, but it could also be that their self-esteem isn't the greatest because they don't have a job at the moment.

One of the most important things to me in going out with a guy is to see how he holds himself. You can tell a lot from the way someone stands (unless their back is bothering them).... if they're arrogant, depressed, aloof, caring etc. But it could be women's intuition or my own gut feeling.

I find a man extremely sexy when he's self-confident. It doesn't matter what kind of job he has or doesn't have. Although if I'm thinking about my future, I would want someone who works and contributes monetarily to the family.

smoo said...

One had a back injury and is unable to work, he is in constant pain although he hides it very well. So he can't ever hold down a job. Surgeries have not helped. He has a lot of confidence and personality but no future. Unless you know someone who would accept this in him...?

come running said...

Oy! That's horrible, but I also admire his confidence and personality. Maybe I do know someone for him. e-mail some more details about him.

Frum Satire said...

They say if you add "that I want to have sex with" or something along those lines to any sentence said- that is how men think.

I happen to be somewhat asexual- because I have a love affair with my bikes- but in high school I could turn anything into sexual innuendo without the innuendo. I was that good.

It is true we men think of sex all the time- there is no denying it.

come running said...


I'm seeing that more and more. Just about every new guy I meet has sex on the brain. I know because they've mentioned it.... more than once..... more than twice.... more than... oh, you get the idea. They don't stop mentioning it.