Monday, February 5, 2007


I was in court this morning and nothing took place. Surprise, surprise... case dismissed. I wonder why I even bothered showing up. We spent a total of 7 minutes in the court room. I represented myself and am starting to feel more comfortable doing so. I don't plan on being my own lawyer all the time just when it's not necessary for my attorney to be there.

OH! I spoke to Charm about the other guys and he was pretty cool about it. I've been with other men in the past who would've blown up finding that out, but he didn't. He was calm even though he wasn't happy about it and wished that I had told him earlier. I wish that I had done that too. But it was a revelation to realize that I didn't have to walk on eggshells, and that we could talk... Yes, Talk!!! instead of yelling or me getting the silent treatment. WOW!!!

It's nice to know that there are reasonable men out there, and that Charm is one of them. I just feel so comfortable with him, but there's the issue of... UGH!!! I have to stop thinking and just enjoy this for what it is. But what is it though?


smoo said...

Welcome to the blog world. Was just letting out a rant on AttentionFrumsterShoppers. I know there are plenty of people on both sides not getting what they need from their spouses. People need to have better lines of communication early on in a relationship to determine if their significant other would truly complete them.

I hope you will stop by

I’m also in my thirties and gave the Get but still fighting in court. You seem to know the drill. Nice bloggin’

come running said...

Thanks for the visit. I've got my get and am still in court too. Tomorrow I will be there once again. Will it ever end?

smoo said...

not before all the funds are dried up.

come running said...

All my funds have dried up, but stbx has very deep pockets and a desire to control me. Dragging me into court is the only way he can do that. Because of stbx's mental illness his attorney is getting rich.