Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Make Way For......

While driving db (darling boy) to school this morning, we had an unexpected stop. Eight turkeys were crossing the street. At the corner, no less, and continuing their stroll on the sidewalk! I had to pull over so we could watch and so I could listen to db giggle over the way they walked. (I thank Hashem for little moments like these.) Then we remembered how one turkey was outside of school at pick up time with the rest of the children waiting for carpool. We didn't see what kind of minivan his mom drove... ha ha :)

How often do you have to stop for animals in the street? Well if you're me, quite a few in your lifetime.
  1. The first time that I recall was a fawn slowly walking in the street while I was driving to work (not in oz... http://http//
  2. The mommy ground hog picking up her babies and taking them into the woods from the busy 4 lane street at rush hour (also not in oz)
  3. The chicken in the middle of the road (Why was he crossing? hee hee) during a downpour on a major thruway (6 lanes) in the Bronx. Traffic was stopped ahead of me because of the red light so I got out of my car, picked up the chicken and put him on the other side.
  4. The doe and her fawn near db's school.
  5. and now the turkeys.

It's amazing to see these animals up close, but it reminds me of the reason that this takes place. We are encroaching on their homes. They have nowhere else to go when we cut down the forests. So if you live in a new development, keep your eyes open and drive carefully. You might have more "neighbors" than you think.

btw: these pictures were taken in November across the street from db's school


MAK said...

Yup, always cool to see animals as you drive around. We saw a racoon last night while walking our dog. Haven't seen one of those in a while.Have I metioned we are so similiar in some ways it's freaky?

come running said...

You did mention that we're alike. That's why I sent you the link to this post.

I mean, really, how many other people see chickens crossing the road????