Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Magic Slippers

They're not ruby red and sparkly and won't get me back to Kansas. They're not made of glass, and I haven't left one of them behind at a ball. But they are a pair of new shoes. Black patent high heeled platform shoes with straps. HOT!!!! Maybe they don't turn me into a princess when I put them on, but I definitely don't feel like a divorced mommy taking out garbage and cleaning up after an eight year old little boy. Plus I can actually walk in them, and they don't hurt.

I feel like a woman. Don't know if anyone out there remembers the perfume Enjoli. The song used in the commercial for it "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never ever let you forget you're a man. 'Cause I'm a woman ......Enjoli." Never used the perfume it smelled..... let's just say it smelled. But I did just get two new perfumes that I really like. They smell fresh and one reminds me of a summer day with fresh cut grass. The other reminds me of a summer night.... still fresh, but a little more sultry. It was surprising to me that Victoria's Secret sold perfume that I actually like.

Also came home with some other purchases from VS. I had such a great time, and a few of the salesgirls were getting a big kick out of it. I think I tried on half the store. We couldn't stop laughing, and giggling. I hadn't done this in years!!! The ex never appreciated it and didn't care. Even though I am a tomboy.... like to shoot hoops, ride bikes, go fishing, etc.... with db (darling boy), it feels great to dress up like a girl, and not think like a mommy.

I feel pretty
Oh, so pretty
I feel pretty
and witty
and gay

And I pity
any girl
who isn't me


Passionate Life said...

You should try on those shoes while listening to Kellie Pickler's song called Red High Heels. It pretty much describes how you feel in those shoes.

Most women just don't understand what a difference wearing high heels makes. It transforms a woman in so many ways. I know they can be uncomfortable, but in certain circumstances its worth the discomfort.

Good luck utilizing them! ;-)

come running said...

It certainly does.

I like these shoes so much that when db goes to sleep for the night I sometimes put them on, and just admire them.

I'm so glad they're not uncomfortable. I'm even thinking about getting them in other colors. It's worth it for the way they make me feel.

Can't wait to wear them out!!!!