Sunday, February 18, 2007


Dad, Mr. Marine, tough guy, whose heart melts whenever db is around. Spoke with him a few moments ago and boy was he grumpy. A friend of his was running late, and he doesn't appreciate that AT ALL. Of course it's also 1:30 and Daddy didn't have any lunch yet. I suggested that he eats something before she comes over and his reply in a deep voice, "I don't want to eat anything I want to be grumpy when she gets here."

I started to crack up.... couldn't help it. Dad knows that if he eats something he won't be cranky anymore and wouldn't say anything about the lateness to his friend. I can see Daddy's lips pressed together so he wouldn't smile and I'm sure that his eyes were twinkling and his nostrils flaring.... that's the tell-tale sign. Whenever I point it out to him he can't hold back his laughter. He tried to rush me off the phone in his gruff voice so that I wouldn't hear him chuckle.

Gotta love Dad.

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