Monday, September 10, 2007

This Weekend

Warning: Not G-Rated

I spent this past weekend with a fellow blogger that I had never met before (we spoke over the phone, though ) and had a great time. No kids, no men but plenty of talk about both. We had planned to get to sleep early Friday night, but it didn't quite work out that way because we couldn't shut up. OK, OK, I couldn't shut up.... about sex. It was like I was 16 again, my parents were out of town, some friends of mine were staying over, and there was such a sense of freedom. We giggled and talked even while we were falling asleep.

Shabbos day was more of the same, and then we both passed out and slept for most of the afternoon. Then came Sat. night and Blondie (I mentioned him and his blue eyes in passing a couple posts ago). He knew that I was going to be near him for the weekend, but no definite plans were made.

First a few pieces of information... Blondie, divorced dad of two girls, and I had been corresponding for awhile with some flirting, but neither of us really did anything about it. Then I had a dream about him except he had dark hair and dark eyes, which is not the case at all. I wrote to him about it without any details just the fact that it took place and the next thing I knew we were im'ing until 2 in the morning. We exchanged phone numbers, but didn't actually speak to one another until right before Shabbos. Blogger girl encouraged me to call and major thanks go out to her for that. So tentative plans were made for Sat. night.

Blogger Girl and I went out for pizza and then met up with him. I was surprised by a kiss on the cheek hello, but I most certainly didn't mind. Blogger Girl went home very graciously and left the door unlocked for me.

Then it was just the two of us... in person. Blondie mentioned that I didn't look like any of my pictures and if I wasn't wearing the pink baseball hat I told him about he wouldn't have recognized me. He also looked different than his pictures. Stronger... ok, I know that doesn't really make sense but it's true.

Yes, he was a gentleman and opened the car door for me (points). Then we went out and got drinks. We were sitting at the corner of the bar and every once in awhile his leg would brush against mine. It was comfortable and fun being with him. He's intelligent and weird funny, and that's a high compliment. Personally I find witty very, very sexy along with confidence and he definitely had that too. He was a man not a guy, and boy, did that turn me on.... not to mention his eyes, intense and searching.

We talked about first kisses and believe it or not he knew the boy who gave me my first kiss. I leaned into Blondie and he rubbed my back. Yummy! One drink was enough for both of us and we decided to go see the ocean but by this time it was getting late so he took me back to Blogger Girl's... NOT!! Are you kidding me?!?!? Do you really think that I would stop there. C'mon, it's me. Sex on the brain girl... the one whose libido is back and functioning.

Anyway, before we even made it to the beach or even into the car, I got my first kiss from him. Maybe I should change his name to sweet lips. I lost track of where we were, but somehow we made it to the boardwalk. He told me I was beautiful (points) and even made me feel that way (major points). He wanted to look at me but I put my head on his shoulder (strong shoulder). Of course, my hair came down out of the doubled up pony tail. And the breeze off the water felt so good through it. I haven't cut it yet. Then there were his eyes. I know I mentioned them already but they became a darker blue and filled with passion. I had to look away. But his gaze was magnetic and drew my eyes back up to his and I got lost in the heat of his piercing desire.

We finally made it back to Blogger Girl's at about 4:30 in the morning. Woke up at about 9:30 got dressed and went out for breakfast. Oh! Couldn't find my pink hat so I wore another one. I got a phone call later in the day to let me know that Blondie had it. I left it in his car.... guess my attention was elsewhere when saying goodbye. Needless to say I'm very very tired. My eyes are closing but a smile is on my lips.

OH! Don't forget the slimy slug (phylum-mollusca, class-gastropoda) UGH! Huge and gross


smoo said...

So you gave his, ehhhem, a name- 'slimy slug'?????

come running said...

NO! But I saw one when we were together. For some reason it comes to mind when I think of him, and that makes me crack up because he's most certainly not slimy the slug.