Tuesday, September 11, 2007


lost in a candyland of desire

hot chocolate kisses with marshmallow tongues intertwined
rich and sweet filling my craving
spicy looks of licorice eyes and hands sticky from cotton candy bodies combine with jawbreaker intensity
candy apple temptations lead to heart pounding sugar rushes satiated with the tart lemonade of love
while the bursting of bubble gum dreams
wakens my sugar-coated sleep to vanilla days


Anonymous said...

will you discard the candy with the wrapper when you are done with it?

come running said...

Why would I do that?

LT said...

This song reminds me of John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland", and in a good way.

I know you're supposed to start the year off with sweet "foods" to portend for a sweet new year. This is an interesting take on that.

come running said...

Know what you mean, and it fits even if I wasn't thinking along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Have you never done that before?

come running said...

Is there some reason that you thought I have done it before?