Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still Awake And Not Kvetchy

I got it out of my system and feel better now. Don't need to think about what if's with Blondie can just enjoy him for whatever it is.

I wonder how people who read my blog view me. I use my blog to let off steam and to get rid of any emotions holding me down or making me sad. I'm not usually kvetchy and try not to complain in the "real world." It's just not that much fun to do or to be around even if you're the one doing it. I would much rather laugh than cry. I use my blog to help me sort through my feelings, my thoughts (too many of them) and my responsibilities.

I don't think that I'm like what I write all the time. Well, who is? But I do think that I write as I am, not holding back... so you guys get what's going on with me in real time. But I've learned that things are not always as desperate, sad, horrible as they might appear for the first five, ten minutes, hours and rarely days.

Moving on to more laughter and smiles and sex. After all, tomorrow is another day


Passionate Life said...

The sad part is that unless the person reading it is a fellow blogger or at least very familiar with the blogsphere, they might not understand that. Blogs are a means of expressing ones feeling in the moment. In fact that's what makes it so powerful - its such a raw, genuine, in the moment, kind of self expression.

An hour or a day later - we can feel very differently and have a more balanced attitude. It definitely does not represent how we act to the world. Its like you said, a way of getting things off our chest and the different approaches running through our minds. It's a great way to sort out our feelings by expressing them.

I hope most people understand that.

MizEllie said...

I wouldn't worry about what people think. It's your blog, and if people don't like it, they don't have to read it.

That said, I agree with PL. I think most people who blog understand that it is a safe place to vent and doesn't necessarily reflect all aspects of you.

come running said...

I like the way you put it. thanks

I haven't worried what people thought before and I don't know what made me start now, BUT I've stopped. thanks