Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Smooth Jazz And Smooth Moves

So much going on this week that I haven't had time to write about my Sat. night with Blondie. I wasn't sure that we were going to be able to go out. Ya see, I had the feeling that the reason Blondie hadn't asked me out for Sat. night was because he thought that I was going to be in Kansas with DB. Well, I wasn't. So since he didn't ask me, I asked him, and I wasn't the least bit nervous. Whoa, I just feel so comfortable with him. Right before yontif we were talking on the phone and laughing and I asked him what he was doing motzei shabbos. He wasn't sure if he could get a sitter for his kids so things were up in the air, but he did want to go to The Village. His parents were able to help out and Blondie picked me up at about 11 pm. No, I wasn't ready. Nothing unusual about that. I had to finish putting on my makeup. He came in and watched me, and then proceeded to distract me by....

Anyway we did eventually leave my apt. and head to The Village. We almost didn't make it out of the car. WOW!!! His kisses are mind blowing. Anyway, Blondie took me to this great jazz club and we heard some really talented musicians play. I found out later that one of them was Israeli. We sat close together and it was dark and intimate not more than fifty people. The musicians were less than 15 feet from us and we were sitting four rows back. We both had a drink and Blondie couldn't keep his hands off me. Absolutely, delicious. He mentioned that he was starting to enjoy the music and then I was confused because it was his idea to go there. He told me that I mentioned I like jazz to him. I don't even remember saying it and he did! MAJOR POINTS!!!!! Plus he was still opening the car door for me. This guy is just.... well, he's just....

We left before the first set was finished which was very wise on Blondie's part. The last time I was in The Village listening to music I almost went home with a member or two of the band. The guy I was with managed to drag me out before I did. Obviously, I like musicians. Ok, ok, I like men, but I especially like musicians and creative men. Anyway, I'm not sure if Blondie was aware but the guitarist was looking at me every once in awhile. I'm so proud of myself because I didn't make eyes or flirt back. I was just having such a good time with Blondie.

So we left and walked around the Village for maybe an hour looking at people and into store windows. I was so happy and relaxed. It was a beautiful night and we could see the stars above. Every once in awhile Blondie would stop and take my breath away with an amazing kiss. What more could I ask for?

We went back to my place and said good night for awhile... a looong while.

The next day I wanted to see if the guitarist had any cd's out, but I didn't even know his name. So I googled Smalls, the jazz club we went to, and found their my space page. His picture was on it. I clicked the link and and found out that he did have music out. Since his e-mail addy was there I wrote him a quick note to let him know how much I enjoyed his playing, fluid and lyrical poetry. I didn't expect an answer back. REALLY!!! I didn't. But, he wrote that I should've "come up and introduced myself!" (The exclamation point was his.) He was also surprised that I was able to find his addy. There hasn't been any more communication, but as I said I do like musicians and he is a very talented one.

BUT I am also busy enough, AND having a great time with Blondie. Hey! It's not like Blondie wasn't checking out all the skimpily clad females walking by.


Jacob Da Jew said...

I've been meaning to check out Smalls for some time now, thanks for the reminder.

come running said...

the music was great, not to mention the musicians.