Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bowling With DB

Considering we didn't actually go anywhere for a vacation, like the beach or on a trip, DB and I had a great time in Kansas. We went to the state fair with Saba and saw Swifty The Swimming Swine. Yup, a pig that swims. And believe it or not the pig that had the stall next to Wilbur and won the blue ribbon was there. GIGANTIC HUGE, AND TREMENDOUS are understatements when you describe this porker.

There were three different fun houses to get lost in and we got to pretend we were Superman on a ride where we lied down and flew through the air in circles. The bumper cars were so much fun and we were out to get each other. As soon as it finished we ran back to the entrance and jumped into the same cars we had before. The lines for the rides were non-existent since we went in the middle of the day; not too many people there. DB and his friend that came along each won a stuffed animal and it only took them each one try. The boys couldn't have been happier to spend time together and they walked around bumping into each other on purpose, hitting each other on the head and punching each others' arms.

Yesterday, we saw Ratatouille, went out to dinner and watched fireworks rain down on us in celebration of Bubbi's b-day. Today DB and I went bowling together. He got a spare and Woo Hoo!!! He was jumping down the lane to let everyone there know. Don't forget the stars, constellations and satellites we saw Sunday night. Shabbos was kind of low key which worked out ok because DB's allergies knocked him for a loop. Swollen itchy eyes and a stuffy nose does not a happy kid make. But he did get to beat me at Foosball twice, and he wouldn't let me forget it.

I'm finally getting tired so I think I'll get some rest before taking DB to the allergist in a few hours. Too sleepy to write about the school issue and if he's going and where... oh! there's a new man on the horizon with blue eyes and blonde hair. And I might be spending Shabbos with a fellow blogger... really I have to get some sleep. Sorry about grammar or spelling mistakes a little too tired to check. pleasant dreams


Tr8ergirlPicks said...

Sounds like everyone had fun while you were away! Good! Blonde hair, blue eyes...woo hoo! Enjoy!

MizEllie said...

The state fair is the best! I love seeing the adorable little piglets. Right up there next to the pygmy goats and the giant vegetables.

come running said...

...and a good time was had by all.

omg-they had a 75 lb. watermelon.