Monday, September 3, 2007


Tonight was amazing. DB and I got in the car and we were off. Both of us were very excited. We were going to see the stars. The sun was setting and we were driving into the country to a private observatory. On the way we passed a cow close enough to touch and watched as a doe and her fawn nibbled and then skipped away into the woods. The frogs were singing and the crickets were chirping. We didn't even need the sweatshirts we brought along, and it wasn't humid out.... perfect weather and a clear sky.

WOW!!! The Milky Way, Jupiter and three of its moons, watching satellites drift across the sky, Vega with its white blue sparkle, satellite galaxies (globular clusters), twin stars, actually seeing the constellations move as the night wore on... and the very best part recognizing Scorpius and Antares right in the middle of it. DB is a Scorpio and is fascinated with anything having to do with scorpions and other arachnids.

It's a shame that he was too tired to stay out later. I knew he was exhausted when he told me he wanted to go and the sky wasn't completely black on the horizon yet. We left, but the next time we're back in Kansas we will be looking up at the night sky and trying to see the different colored bands on Jupiter.


gaston said...

Beautiful picture of the night sky! Is this shot from your own camera?

Shoshana said...

That sounds so cool. I miss the way the stars shone so brightly when I lived in Alabama.

MizEllie said...

There is nothing better than a beautiful sky on a cloudless night....

Jack's Shack said...

Sounds beautiful.

come running said...

welcome, and although the sky did look very similar to the picture I did not take it.

I didn't know you were a southern gal.

...except having someone to share it with.

and it was!