Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

A postcard from Kansas.

Here I am sitting in the sun by the pool. A slight breeze cools me as I watch DB swim with his cousins. The music is playing and and everyone is laughing and having a ball. I'm lovin' every second of it. The kids just asked me to go get pizza and sno-balls and bring it back so they don't have to leave the water.

Wishing you guys were here.... hugs 'n kisses


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

sounds great I wish I was there too.

Scraps said...

Ooh I'm jealous! I love to swim, and I never have the chance to go. The last time I went swimming was two years ago, I think (I was visiting cousins who have a fenced-in, in-ground pool, and the husband was in Europe on business, so I didn't have to worry about tzniut). Enjoy your time in Kansas!

~ Sarah ~ said...

sounds lovely.
it's winter here and i'm cold and dreaming of warmer times...

come running said...

hey you guys,
I totally wish that DB created his transporter already so that I could beam you here. He just needs some more soda cans, wire, screws and string, but I keep on throwing the stuff out.