Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just Move Your Finger And Click

What is the deal with guys not responding to messages on Frumster?!?! Is this just the newer version of I'll give you a call? Except that you haven't even gone on a date. I mean Frumster even supplies you with the standard I'm not interested thanks for contacting me response. All you have to do is click on it. It's right underneath the message they just finished reading. How difficult is it to move the mouse a few more centimeters and click?!?!?!?!?!

I can understand if someone has contacted you time after time and you've already replied at least twice that you're not interested. But then there's the block button you can use. And I'm talking about when you've never responded but read the message and looked at the profile. Or when you've written back and forth a couple of times and then changed your mind about continuing to get know each other. Just make something up... or how about trying something new and being honest about it.

Obviously, there have been a couple of guys I've been in contact with who have never learned common courtesy. It's not like they're too busy to write even a note that says they're too busy.... I see that they're online. These guys are obviously not for me if they don't even have any manners.... so why am I even ranting?


Scraps said...

Hate to break it to you, but it's not only guys who don't reply to messages on Frumster. My roommmate does it all the time, and she's definitely female.

smoo said...

I can understand if you are so popular that you're inundated by scores of emails or that people aren't reading your criteria and are shopping way out of their league. In those cases I understand the no reply. But for the most part it is the civil thing to do, to respond.
And please don't respond to this. (jj)

come running said...

Thanks for visiting again. Has your roommate ever told you why she doesn't reply??

lol :)

I'm sorry there is no excuse because even in those two cases if you've read the message all you have to do is scroll down a drop and click on the "thanks, but no thanks" automatic reply.

~ Sarah ~ said...

laziness? reading them at work and not being able to reply? when i was still signed up, i'd sometimes read messages and need to think about what to reply and occasionally i'd forget. but really, you're right, there is not excuse.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I was very annoyed about guys ignoring emails when I was on frumster. I totally don't get it and I totally agree that it is no big deal to just do a few clicks for courtesy.

Scraps said...

I think it's usually a combo of lazy and disinterest in (and/or being totally creeped out by) the guy in question. But I'm not entirely sure.