Friday, June 8, 2007


Don't really have time to post today. Guess where I'm headed???? KANSAS!!!! I've got to get there kinda early because I told DB that there's a possibility of getting a hoop for Bubbi's house. We'll probably go swimming after putting it together.

Basketball has become part of our nighttime(afternoon, really) routine, and it's been a great stress reliever for both of us. There was one point last night when both of us couldn't stop laughing. He's been getting better and I've been staying about the same. Last night he got to 100 points before me and I was trying. But then again he's been living with his basketball. He's dribbling even while brushing his teeth, walking to the car, eating breakfast, etc.
There's going to be a big, huge, gigantic family reunion on Sunday. It's only one side of the family, but there are some people I haven't seen in two years even though they live in Kansas. It's hard to see everyone when you're only down for a weekend and want to spend time with your parents who are divorced.
working out up-date:
I'm almost back to my regular schedule and some of my clothes are starting to fit again. PLUS!!!! and this is a major plus exercising makes me feel so good in my own skin no matter what size or weight I am. :)
Have a good Shabbos.

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