Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What Are You Dreaming Of?

For some reason I started thinking about differences between men's and women's fantasies...

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but most, if not all, of men's fantasies involve sex.

Now I'm not your average woman or average Bais Yaakov girl, so some, OK, OK a large portion of my fantasies also involve sex, but that does not mean all of them. One of my favorite fantasies is having a wife. Yup, someone to come home to who will listen to you kvetch, have a delicious meal waiting for you, has taken care of the kids, and cleaned up the house. All you have to do is hug and kiss everyone.

Alright, even that fantasy is a little ridiculous. Let's just say I'd like to come home to a clean house, with food in the fridge and no legos left on the floor to permanently maim your bare feet. I guess you know what happened to me last night after turning off the lights in the living room.

Here are some more of my fantasies, and yes, some of these are sexual in nature. C'mon it's me!!! I would love for kissing and foreplay to last a long, long, long time. Another major fantasy is living happily ever after with the man I love. Of course, that doesn't mean perfectly ever after. It means that I know that happiness is at the very least around the corner and accompanied by the best makeup sex ever.

Major huge fantasy here... DB receiving all the help he needs with school so that he doesn't come to hate learning.

How about this one... making love out on the African plains. A moonless sky brightened by millions of stars and the rumbling sound of lions roaring in the distance.

Any of you brave enough to tell me your fantasies?


Mr. Clean said...

"Let's just say I'd like to come home to a clean house, with food in the fridge and no legos left on the floor to permanently maim your bare feet."

Solution: Bald man for a wife, hairy man for a lover.

Final Fantasy said...

Here's my fantasy - everybody can read everyone else's minds, so there would be no such thing as lies or head games, and it'd be impossible to "play" people. We wouldn't even have to talk. You'd just "know", for better or worse, how things are.

I gotta imagine there's a book about this somewhere - some fantasy or science fiction book. Know any?

At first blush this could seem very frightening. What goes on up in there isn't always for polite conversation. But I suppose we'd all get used to it after awhile, and we would ignore much of it going on in others minds just like they do in their own, so why not?

Think of the possibilities: complete candor in marriage and relationships and thus the ability to please our spouse or know when to appease them (wives love to say if you don't know I'm not telling you); elimination of office politics and politics altogether, even; the whole concept of "marketing" becomes a matter of defining truth rather than creating it; religion becomes clearly a matter of faith rather than an argument about right and wrong; the list is endless.

Anonymous said...

Hoo Hoo Hooo Ah, Ah, banana

Father Dyer said...

My idea of Heaven is a solid white nightclub with me as a headliner for all eternity, and they LOVE me.

come running said...

mr. clean,
I don't know if I want a man for a wife. I'm sure a woman would do a much better job at it.

I think that's a curse. It does make life easier in some ways, but I'm having a difficult time withit. There are times when you don't want anyone knowing what you're thinking.

sounds like a very interesting fantasy...

hope it comes true for you.

Anonymous said...

Out in Africa surrounded by lions and gorillas.

come running said...

sounds good to me

Anonymous said...

hoo hoo

come running said...

sounds like owls

MK said...

"Let's just say I'd like to come home to a clean house, with food in the fridge and no legos left on the floor to permanently maim your bare feet."
You forgot, "and sex every night".

Yea, that's every man's fantasy. It's also the reason 95% of divorces.

BTW, men also fantasize about money, and physical prowess. But only because it helps them get sex.

MissVirginiaPrude said...

Miss Virginia would like to second your fantasy of having a wife--especially a 1950's ear wife (minus the dark underbelly of prozac and starting the martini's at noon, of course!) My Vodka Tonic gals and I often wish for just such a wife when we blow out the candles on the birthday cake (which are getting astonishingly bright as time goes by.)

The Steam Room is open for trying to figure out a post-30, post-parenting fantasty life. Feel free to stop by:

-Miss Virginia Prude

come running said...

I can't believe that I left the sex part out!!!!

Let me know when your wish comes true.

MizEllie said...

Heh! I've definitely had the wife fantasy too. Mine doesn't involve cleaning so much - MrEllie is by far a better housekeeper than I am. It is more about coming home from work, having a nice drink waiting, and someone who doesn't mind listening to me rehash my stupid office issues.

Funny how fantasies change over time too. I used to imagine myself as the center of attention at some party or event. Now I like imagining myself in the middle of South Dakota, or the Utah desert. No idea why.

come running said...

It sounds like you want some peace and quiet.