Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can You Think For Yourself?

Do you know how to think for yourself? Do you know how to question? Do you even know what questions to ask? Have you asked them? Have you been able to answer them for yourself?

Have you taught your children to think and not just to accept? Are you willing to listen to their questions? Have you made yourself accessible so that they will feel comfortable coming to you with their questions? Are you willing to admit to them that you don't have all the answers?

I'll probably continue this post another time. Just felt the need to get it out.


therapydoc said...

It's definitely a great question. Especially in the religious communities where the pressure for group think is enormous.

Karl Manning said...

c'mon therapydoc - the pressure for group think is enormous in all societies. Think shopping before the holiday period. Think Barak Obama. Think Communism.

It's just that religious societies are the only groups that feel comfortable pressuring their members on MORAL matters - and because such matters seem impossible to define for secular minds as a group rather than an individual matter, it seems that religious communities are unique. But really, they're not.

come running said...

I think that being on the fringes of the community makes it easier to ask questions.