Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm A What?!?!?

You Were Born Under:

Full of spunk, you are the original party animal.

You bring fun, activity, and stimulation to any event.

Self-control is not one of your strong points; you have been known to over indulge.

Cheerful and energetic, you can turn the most boring thing into something fun.

You are most compatible with a Rat or Dragon.


Anonymous said...

This was obvious.

The Street Sweeper said...

This can't have been a surprise, CR. :-)

I'm a "tiger". It says I'm

Fierce and courageous - you are the king of every situation.
You pounce and attack, until others give you want you want.
Daring and magnetic, you inspire others to follow your lead.
And while you're wild at heart, you have some hidden soft spots. (can't touch this...)

You are most compatible with a Horse or Dog. (ouch - where do I find that checkmark on search feature at Jdate?)

come running said...

I didn't think so.

sure it could've been...

ss said...

"FM - Frum Male, sometimes known as Flying monkeys" (from the "definitions" of CR's site)

You're a frum female, and frum males are of course products of the union between like kinds. Thus, as a frum female, you must of necessity be a monkey. Simple deduction, my dear Watson.