Monday, April 23, 2007

Here Comes The Sun.....

The weather really does affect my mood and boy, did I miss the sun last week. But it's back. YAY!!!! I had a big grin on my face, windows open, and I was singing my heart out while driving to pick up DB yesterday.

I got to see DB on Sunday. That usually doesn't happen when he spends the weekend with his father, but he had a baseball game. DB hit a double and had one RBI (run batted in, for all you non-baseball people). He didn't even swing at every pitch. He let the low ones go right by. I wasn't supposed to cheer for him, but I figured if other people were doing it so could I. He didn't mind me doing that in the end. Not only that, DB gave me a hug when he saw me. No kiss though, "C'mon Mom, the guys will see." His team won and he couldn't have been happier.

There was just one thing that marred the otherwise great time the kids were having. The coach of the other team was screaming and yelling at the players. He even said something to his own kid around the lines of "just remember you're coming home with me, let me see you hustle." Of course DB noticed (his father talks to him and threatens him the same way) and brought it up to me. He was worried about the children on the other team. I told him that they would be ok, but they probably were not having as good a time playing as he was.

I try to use opportunities like that to get the point across to DB so that he won't behave in the same manner... especially because his father does. Children of abuse sometimes turn into abusers themselves. Hopefully, that will not be the case with DB.

Dating Update:

I have decided to take a break from dating. There are too many other things going on right now, and believe it or not I'm really not interested in dating or sex. I kind of freaked Bud out with that last night. He couldn't believe I said that and I had to repeat it. My picture on Frumster is only password accessible, and I'm not initiating any phone calls to Denver. Hey! Maybe that's why I'm not attracted to him romantically, I am too busy concentrating on things that are going on with DB and the case for relocation. I'll write more about that later. My sleep has been disrupted and my dreams have been even weirder than they normally are.

WOW!! I can't believe that I wrote that I'm not interested in sex. Man!!! That is.... just... kinda freaky. The only other time I wasn't interested in sex was right before and after I separated from stbx. My therapist told me that was normal because of everything taking place, but because of my very strong libido I thought that once the interest was gone I would never get it back. Obviously, I did. 'Guess it's just nature's way of making it easier for me to concentrate on the really important stuff.

btw - ACS (Administration for Children's Services) was called again because of something DB's father failed to do. more later... I have another appointment with the forensic psychologist to prepare for.

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