Friday, April 6, 2007

Bud Needs A New Name

Just what the title says.

Actually, Bud wants to have his name go back to Charm. I told him that he's no longer Mr. Three-Time's-A-Charm since we aren't going out any longer. He's my friend, my Bud.

I like the name, Buuuuuud... drawn out... that's the way it should be said. He says the name is too southern, grass chewin', flannel wearin', redneck, hillbilly for him. What can I say, it's the southern, country girl in me that named him. Plus he's my friend, my Bud.

I'm willing to entertain the thought of changing his name if I find one that fits. Any ideas?

1 comment:

Shoshana said...

Buuuuud drawn out like that reminds me of Rudy's friend on The Cosby Show. I always liked him.