Friday, December 25, 2015

Written When Happy

"If there is meaning in life at all," Frankl wrote, "then there must be meaning in suffering."  I've never read anything by Victor Frankl.

Yes, I've heard of him, and the title of his famous book, Man's Search For Meaning.  It must have never been the right time for me to discover it, and even though I still haven't read it, it and he have still impacted my life.

As soon as I finished reading the above quote, it became apparent to me why after hating Crime and Punishment I just couldn't get enough of analyzing it and Dostoevski.  Which then pulled me to Malamud's The Fixer.  

My professor asked me in what I can only recall as almost the exact same words as Frankl's.  "Is there meaning in suffering?" Or maybe he said, "Does suffering have meaning?"

My immediate response was "yes" even though I have suffered immensely throughout life, and I would much rather be happy.  But now that I've read an essay by Frankl, I think that there can be a combination of the two.

Just thinking out loud.

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