Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nobody Knows

He doesn't know.  He thinks he knows what I feel for him, but he doesn't.

You see, he doesn't, well, he doesn't even like to feel/think about his emotions.  So you can imagine how he must feel about my overwhelming ones.  If they are sometimes too much for me to handle, then he most certainly doesn't want to even begin to contemplate what I'm experiencing.

I love him.  Me, the person who knows better than to try and love again, has given him--is giving him  everything.

But I'm still afraid.  Ok, I'm actually positive that my heart will be broken into pieces, but that undeniable fact, can't stop me from loving him.  I know.  I'm stupid.  I know better.  But he says things, he means things, he does things that make me want to love him through the fear.

Salty drops burn my cheeks with joy and waves of fear crash through my soul.

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