Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I Did It Again

Definitely did it.  Started thinking, got scared and opened up my big mouth.

Am I trying to push him away?? Well, a part of me is obviously trying to do so.  It's just so... so... Oh! I don't know what it is!!!

I know I love him.  I know I want to be with him.  But does he really want that???

I know he says it, he writes it, and I believe he means it.  But I don't think he understands what that entails.

Damn it!  I hate being away from him. All I want is to see his smile and to be in his arms.  He has no clue how deep in my heart he is.

He's a man.  A handsome strong man who cares.... who loves, and I want is to be with him.

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