Sunday, January 17, 2016

Things Are Good

It's easier for me to believe him.  I don't know why... Ok, ok, I think I do know.  He gives me what I need and want.  I thinks that's it.  Nope, I know what it is.  He knows what I need and want.  Alright, I guess it's both.  That would make the most sense.

That's why it's easier to trust.  He knows me.  I don't know how he does, but he knows how to make me breathe easier---to relax in his love.

AND!!! It's easier for him to feel, know and recognize that he loves me.  I'm laughing about that.  Because if he reads this, I'm sure he'll start overthinking.  My Mr. Spock.

But how much more wonderful could this be?????

Content in his arms is the best place in the world... except for maybe in his arms and..... I'm sure you can fill in the blanks, and I'm certain he can.  Gotta love the man!!

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