Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dreams, Decisions, and Desires

I write words I don't send.  I miss him.  I love his laughing blue eyes that melt my heart.

Chris Isaak's new song "Please Don't Call" says what I can't, and what I don't want to say.  And then I hear the words to Bonnie Raitt singing "Feels Like Home" and I want to run into his arms and never leave.

It was my birthday, and he gave me the most amazing presents.  It was so obvious that he put so much thought into them.  Tears came to my eyes when I opened a present that no one else would ever think to get for me.  The nerd in me was overwhelmed, excited, flattered, and felt so acknowledged.  It was a sundial that really works.  It has a compass and you set the latitude.  Yeah, yeah, even the description is probably boring the non-nerds.  The other present was a beautiful silk scarf that felt as good as it looks.  The colors and print were so rich and vibrant.  One present for nerd and one for the woman.  He understands me.  Do you see why I love him?????  

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