Monday, October 22, 2007

Lucky Duck

I was told this past Shabbos that I'm not who I appear to be or rather my blogger persona, and my Frumster persona; neither of which match my voice on the phone and me in person. I'm not as serious or as down as I sound on my blog. In fact, I love to laugh and smile too. Sometimes I smile so much my cheeks start to hurt. And no, I am not making that up.

You guys get me at my most emotional. You get me when I can't figure things out. It's just a shame you don't get me when I'm playing basketball with DB. It's hard to dribble when you can't stop giggling.

The person who told me this is a new friend. I met her through my blog. Hmmmm what should I call her? Well, let me describe her and maybe I'll get something from that. She totally "gets" me, and we couldn't shut up the first time we spoke. Hey! She'll be GF for Girl Friend. Which reminds me I owe someone a phone call, you know who you are. I hope you can talk tonight.

Back to the post and friends. I feel so lucky to have "met" you guys. Yes, YOU! Even if some of you are weird. That's probably why I like you. I hope you don't take offense. I mean it in the best of ways. And I hope that we don't meet. I don't want to have to watch what I write, not that I think it would change too much. You've already seen me at my... can't think of the word I want. It's not, worst or most open. It's just that you've seen me as most people in my life don't.


~ Sarah ~ said...

what you choose to share on your blog (or frumster) is not the whole you, it's only a part so it makes perfect sense that you really don't know characteristics & personality until you meet in person.

yingerman said...

"Yes, YOU! Even if some of you are weird"
Do you know me?

Passionate Life said...

Once again, I think its an issue of a non-blogger not understanding what blogging is. The issues and emotional expressions of a blogger is not necessarily what you would see upon meeting them or how they appear publicly. Blogging in an internal semi-private practice of airing our doubts and thinking out loud and expressing our frustrations or immediate emotional feelings.

A blog is not a final picture of our thinking or choices. Its a place to ruminate freely and not have to guard ourselves as we would in real life. Blogs are mostly written late at night or in a relaxed atmosphere in our pajamas. The mindset, demeanor, and ways of expression might vary greatly from what it would be like at a Shabbos table.

I have had that problem on my blog a few times as people look at it like a newspaper - as a public statement, when for me its my private musings. When I write a newspaper piece it looks and sounds differently and I take into consideration the sensibility of the audience. With my blog its about ME.

Its my place to vent, think out loud and express my current thoughts, even my momentary thoughts that help me work through an issue on my mind.

Because the perception of what a blog is, is so different for readers and writers, it can cause a bit of confusion.

come running said...

I agree with you.

It appears that I do.

I don't think GF was confused just surprised at my phone personality and in person.

"A blog is not a final picture of our thinking or choices." I believe that you can say the same of a dating profile. Until you meet someone and spend time with them you cannot truly know them.

Passionate Life said...

I disagree. I very much believe that if you have the intuitive ability to read between the lines and have great discernment (Okay, its helps being an introverted NF) then you absolutely can have a clear understanding of the core of who a person is based on their extensive writing. The core is the absolute most important aspect of a person in my book.

Now I am not saying that one shouldn't spend time with someone once they believe that the core is compatible. However, are you telling me that you haven't ruled out people based on their Frumster profile?

come running said...

OK, OK. Of course, I've ruled out someone just based on their Frumster profile.

But it was fun arguing with you.

I just meant that you shouldn't completely rule out someone that you like aside from the fact that they might not be a certain type.

But I have to add from your point of view that perhaps you might be drawn to a type that isn't healthy for you... so you should rule them out.

Tr8erGirl said...

Thanks for sharing! PS - am I one of the weird ones? lol :-)

come running said...

Of course you are!!! I don't even know why you bothered to ask.

nuch ah chosid said...

another weird one here ;-)

come running said...

Glad to have you!