Friday, October 19, 2007

Everything Is Going To Be Alright

When I was little (and not so little) my mother used to sing a song to me. She would only sing it when she was holding me and rocking me back and forth while tears were dripping down my face. I sing this song to DB when he's crying, and it calms him down. I hold him in my arms and rock him.

Everything is gonna be alright
alright, alright
Every little thing is going to be alright

My mother told me something that really touched me. She said that she used to sing that song to make herself feel better while she held me or my brother and was comforting us. I completely understand.

My heart aches when DB cries. I'm not talking about the crying because of scraped hands or that his lego creation broke. I'm also not referring to the fake tears he sheds (very rarely) when he can't get some new Yugioh cards or the like. The crying I'm referring to is sobbing, break your heart frustration, hurting, help me mommy, tears. These are usually the ones you can do nothing about except to hold your child, and in your heart ask Hashem to take away his pain.

I find it difficult not to cry when I sing DB the song my mother sang to me. I sing it not just as a comfort to him. It's a prayer that I am saying asking for everything to be all right for my child, and to make his life better.

I have tears in my eyes slowly dripping onto my cheeks while I write this, and it's hard for me to swallow. Sometimes my throat catches when I sing this to DB. I think of my mother and my son.

I went through some very difficult times as a child and teenager. Now I know what it feels like from the mother's side, and I can still remember what it felt like as a child.

This post is not a sad one even though it's about pain and tears. It's about comfort and love. It's about relief and knowing that everything will be "alright." I can hear my mother's voice singing it to me right now.


Nuch Ah Chosid said...

Just keep on singing....

Everything is gonna be alright
alright, alright

Every little thing is going to be alright, alright
alright, alright

add a be'ezrat hashem to it.

be'ezrat hashem,
Everything is gonna be alright
alright, alright

בעזרת השם יהיה בסדר, בעזרת השם יהיה בסדר, בעזרת השם יהיה בסדר,

come running said...

I'm feeling better now. It's just one of those things that happens with divorce. I just wish it didn't hurt DB.

Anyway, I've been singing lots of other songs. Happy ones.

Open Up! said...

that was beautiful

come running said...

Thank you